Monday, August 29, 2016

Sponge painting dungeon tiles

About four years ago I bought into a dungeon tile kickstarter.  Last week, I finally got around to starting to paint the tiles.  After giving some serious consideration (yeah, for once I was actually serious) to how most efficiently get this done, I decided on sponge painting.  Here's a quick rundown; I like the results pretty well.
So here's maybe 20% of the loot.

My weapon of choice is an inexpensive sponge from which I ripped random pieces.
One sorta medium gray and sorta medium / dark tan.  Both fifty cent craft paints, I poured them so they ran into each other.
I poured the paints so I could dab one big hunk of rough sponge into both paints at the same time.
Finally I just smashed the sponge onto the tile at random angles until an entire side was covered.  The great thing about random smash painting is neatness doesn't count and may be a hindrance.
Just smash...

and smash some more, because there's too much definition in the colors,

As you keep on smushing the sponge, the colors partially cover each other, but don't mix, giving the mottled effect I want.

Here's some pieces drying, I like the variation in color and texture.

finally, about half done.

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