Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Faces of New Hope City

I've been collecting, building and painting odds and ends for a few years with the intent of a Two Hour Wargames 5150: New Hope City campaign series.  This morning I pulled out most of what I've finished; I'm overdue to get this going.  

This started as a shopping center for All Things Zombie, but I just never was all that into the Night of the Living Dead and it's reboots.

S-Mart is 22" X 28" and can be the entire scenario.
I'm still getting around to stocking this with Binford tools, especially chainsaws.
Foree Electric was my first project making paper terrain on a computer to cut, fold and glue.  The building started life as a Starship Troopers base game box lid and I did almost nothing to disguise that.
The Drunken Clam and Mike's Hardware were actually made from leftover material when I made S-Mart.
Soylent Industries is inspired a little by the movie and a lot by the scenario from Irrational Number Line Games
Jerry Rivers, Investigative Reporter, Hank the Cameraman and Pavel the Engineer are from the West Wind 'Nam series.  Paulie & Joey Baggadonetz are Hasselfree Legends of Gogol figures.

The moment I first saw Hasselfree's Maddog I knew he'd be a Street Preacher.  I don't remember where, when or from whom I acquired the platinum haired, leather clad young lady.  Beach Babe Libby shall be playing the recurring role of Trophy Wife.  The photojournalist is from the same 'Nam set as the TV crew; this fellow just screams, "Dennis Hopper" to me.  Mr. Belushi will likely be the proprietor of every establishment in NHC.  Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner started life as a Bolt Action Chindit given to me by my best friend, Scott.

I don't know of a scenario in which Those Meddling Kids aren't appropriate, useful and fun.

Armorcast's Big City PD were specifically bought for the Soylent Green scenario, but are just darn useful all the time.

Old Warzone Imperial Wolfbanes were going to play the part of mercenaries until I found these Foundry Urban Violence mercs in a bargain bin.  I've painted them so that they can reasonably be a SWAT team when required.

I picked up these Star Wars Battle Droids along with a dozen Trade Federation droids for $0.25 each and I like them as Symon better than the idea of fully human appearing, "Data" androids.

Some concerned citizens who've formed a highly proactive neighborhood watch.

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